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Organic, piledriving instrumental rock

Rock Sound feature 2007Date: Sep 2007
Publisher: Rock Sound
Written by: Darren Sadler

SOUNDS LIKE: Organic, piledriving instrumental rock which grabs your beard with might and doesn't let go!

According to guitarist Didier Baja the origins of the name Zonderhoof lie in a WWII legend that 'Hoof bassist Otto Kraal came across via an inscription in a museum, while their new EP's artwork is based on folklore legend.

"It's based on an old tale from my home village," explains Didier in his best broken English. "The villagers fled their homes, only to find an even more lethal danger in the forests where they took refuge. The images are those types of things that at first glance come across as happy, but the more you look the more menacing it becomes. That is also what we have tried to achieve with the music."

Zonderhoof hail from Eastern Europe and currently reside in Cardiff. They recorded their new slab of instrumental rock in a remote part of Norway called Rotvengen - so remote, in fact, no one quite knows where it is...

"It's in a very remote part of northern Norway surrounded by trees and fjords. It took us ages to get there and we almost got completely lost trying to find it. The whole atmosphere of the place helped us to keep us in the right state of mind to create an intimidating and sinister mood for the EP."

Don't write Zonderhoof off as Pelican or Capricorns copyists, as they're certainly not. And, as Didier remards: "Most frontmen are gherkins."

Bonkers, perhaps. Benders of truth, most definitely. But Zonderhoof are rather excellent and their lunacy should be embraced.

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