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The darker side of The Jesus Lizard & Melvins

Date: April 2006
Publisher: Raw Nerve
Written by: Paul Raw Nerve

Zonderhoof DemoZonderhoof bring us 3 songs here, beginning with the brilliantly titled 'William the bastard' which reminds me of the darker side of The Jesus Lizard & Melvins, with the instrumental approach of American Heritage, Foe, Art of Burning Water, Keelhaul and the like, not as chaotic and mind crushing but certainly they have similar tone, intensity and sinisterness.

Slower than those bands mentioned as well, but still with a heavy and dark element with good little grooves coming in from time to time amidst the off kilter directions and rhythms. All three songs are quality.

Let's hope they deliver an album pretty soon. Listen to this clever, quality band now!


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